[NTK009] Skeeter vs Retrigger - Paranoia / Cynicisim (12") 2009

The magical fantasy world of dualism is false. The world championed by Straussian politics, Abrahamic religions, and 80s action movies is a lie. The truth of the matter is life is a tad more grey. We all have both a dark side, and a light side. A little bit of Obi, and a little bit of Anakin. A little bit of ying, and little bit of yang. A little bit of Sonny, and a little bit of Cher. Retrigger, and Skeeter explore the murky swamp of relativism on Noizetek 009 Paranoia/Cynicism

A1 Retrigger - Sinthanas
A2 Retrigger - Sinthanas (Skeeter's Social Psychology Remix)
Remix - Skeeter
A3 Retrigger - Frank On The Drums
B1 Skeeter - F T L
B2 Skeeter - F T L (Retrigger And Porquinho Remix)
Remix - Retrigger

"Sinthanas (Skeeter's Social Psychology Remix)"